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If you or your family is facing a family law issue, whether it be the difficult reality of a divorce, the joys of adoption, or the complexities brought about by a non-traditional relationship, Banas Family Law is here to help. St. Paul divorce lawyer Chris Banas, recognized as a Super Lawyers™ "Rising Star,"works on a highly personal level with clients to give them the attention, education, and legal insight they need to successfully see their matter through.

Twin Cities divorce attorney Christopher Banas is experienced in all areas of Minnesota family law, including divorcechild supportchild custodyspousal maintenance (alimony), property divisionpaternityadoptiondomestic abuse, and parenting matters, as well as appeals and cases involving interstate and international custody and support. Other services include mediationcustody evaluationparenting consultation, and parenting time expediator.

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Banas Family Law serves the Minneapolis and St. Paul areas.


The decision to divorce is one of the most difficult and disruptive events a couple must face. Once the decision has been made, the overwhelming emotions, pain, and stress begin. This law team has helped me overcome all of these issues, They explaine…

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