Minnesota Foster Parent Adoption

In Minnesota, each county’s social service program offers no-fee adoption and foster care services for its residents. The social service program pairs caring people with children in need whose families cannot adequately care for them. Those foster care families provide care for children in need during difficult periods.

Minnesota’s foster care program has as its goal the reunification of children with their birth families as quickly as possible. It also has a permanency planning option available. This dual track program is an excellent opportunity for those interested in adopting infants or small children. Because of the sometimes-prohibitive costs of private adoption, foster care permanency planning can be a very good choice for many people who are looking to become families.

Foster care families are dedicated to creating safe havens for the children in their care. Many, many foster care families adopt the children placed in their care because of their interest in preserving strong familial ties with these children.

It is in the children’s best interest to have as few placements in foster care as possible. To this end, those families who indicate their willingness to adopt if reunification does not occur are often a preferred home for some children. Children whose familial backgrounds show that reunification would be unlikely and have no relatives to care for them are often placed with these families.

Loving bonds grow during these difficult times, and families are forged. For those families who haven taken in children in need under the concurrent planning option and want to adopt, Banas Family Law, P.A., can help. This type of case plan is an option for children under eight years old in foster care. Because of the legalities involved, it is important to have an experienced adoption attorney working with you. Our St. Paul lawyers work with our clients to create homes for families.

At Banas Family Law, P.A., our Twin Cities family law attorneys help our clients become families. If you are interested in pursuing foster care adoption, contact us today.

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