If you or your family is facing a family law issue, whether it be the difficult reality of a divorce, the joys of adoption or the complexities brought about by a non-traditional relationship Banas Family Law is here to help. Attorney Christopher Banas, recognized as a Super Lawyers "Rising Star," works on a highly personal level with clients to give them the attention, education and legal insight they need to successfully see their matter through.

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Minnesota divorce attorney Christopher Banas has two convenient offices in Eagan, MN and St. Paul, MN. If you have questions about filing for divorce, child custody / visitation, child support, paternity, or other family law related matters, call our law office today to schedule a consultation at 651-361-8109.

Bloomington, MN Divorce Attorney

A divorce affects one's life at every level. Bloomington family law attorney Chris Banas understands the emotional impact and the stress created by the breakup of a marriage, and works closely with clients to ensure that the divorce process and life adjustment is as smooth as possible.

Bloomington, MN Child Custody Attorney

If there is a dispute in Minnesota over custody and parenting time, the court will likely order the parties to undergo some sort of "evaluation." "Evaluation" is a fluid term, and can mean a variety of things. Bloomington Child Custody Chris Banas explains what you need to know about child custody disputes in Minnesota.

Bloomington, MN Child Support Lawyer

In the state of Minnesota, the required amount of child support is determined by formulas set out in the statutes. If you're concerned about what the level of child support will be or you require a modification of your existing child support, call Mr. Banas today.