Uncontested Divorce in Minnesota

If you and your spouse agree to the terms of your divorce, the divorce process can be simple and quick. Here are some points to consider if your divorce proceeding is uncontested:

  1. Time frame can be significantly shortened. An uncontested divorce can be finalized in a month or so, depending on your county and court scheduling.
  2. Costs can be minimized. Depending on the issues, attorneys' fees can be minimized, as much of the work would be dedicated to drafting legal documents. The current filing fee is approximately $330.00. This varies by county, but generally is in this range, give or take a few dollars.
  3. Court appearance is required if there are children and a party is not represented. The "hearing" is a short hearing where the attorney (or the judge) will ask some basic questions about the marriage, address of the parties, and whether or not the party understands the agreement. The hearing usually takes no more than 30 minutes from start to finish.
  4. If both parties are represented by attorneys, there is no need for a court hearing. The paperwork would be submitted to the Court and the court would conduct an "Administrative Review." That is, the court would review the paperwork to make sure all documents are in order and the Judge would review the agreements and would sign the order finalizing the divorce proceeding. You will then be notified a week or so thereafter that your divorce has been finalized.
  5. Remember the parenting class! If there are children involved, the parents (and sometimes the children) must attend a parenting class or a divorce education class. This is a requirement in all counties throughout the state of Minnesota. Be sure to speak with your attorney about this requirement.

If you have any questions about an uncontested divorce, or any other matter, contact Minnesota divorce attorney Christopher M. Banas at 651-492-1069.

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