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If you have made or are considering the decision to adopt a child, consulting a Minnesota adoption attorney can offer important information about your options and ensures that your adoption proceeds as smoothly as possible. Mr. Banas is knowledgeable in all types of adoption, including domestic and overseas adoption, adoptions through an agency, and private or independent adoptions. Whatever your situation, our Minnesota family law firm can help you obtain and file the correct paperwork, advise you on important decisions such as open versus closed adoptions, and address your questions and concerns as you expand your family.

Adoption is a special time for the child and the adopting parents. It is important that the legal issues are not an unnecessary burden, so that parents can focus on the details that really matter as they welcome a new child into their home. With compassion, dedication, and experience, Minnesota adoption attorney Chris Banas has handled countless adoptions and works to make the process as smooth and pleasant as possible for parents and children.

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