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How to Modify Your Spousal Maintenance in Minnesota

SPOUSAL SUPPORT ATTORNEY IN ST. PAUL, EAGAN MN When you’re getting divorced in St. Paul, it may be quite common for a court-ordered spousal maintenance agreement to be included in your divorce settlement. This is also known as alimony, and basi… Read More
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Post-Decree Modifications

Needs and circumstances change. When they do, a post-decree modification can realign court orders to match the interests of the parties and their new situations. Minnesota family law attorney Chris Banas assists clients in filing motions for the modi… Read More
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Minnesota Spousal Maintenance (Alimony)

What is it? Formerly known as “alimony”, Minnesota spousal maintenance is defined as: “an award made in a dissolution or legal separation proceeding of payments from the future income or earnings of one spouse for the support and ma… Read More
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