The decision to divorce is one of the most difficult and disruptive events a couple must face. Once the decision has been made, the overwhelming emotions, pain, and stress begin. This law team has helped me overcome all of these issues, They explained what issues could be resolved, how the process begins and how it proceeds, what happens in court, and most importantly what is the best interest for the children involved. I could not have asked for a better support system to help guide me through the process of divorce with children. I was so impressed with their knowledge on children's needs and the emotional turmoil divorce can bring. I had a unique situation with a very unhealthy emotional parent. I was so impressed with this teams psychological wisdom on dealing with this complicated issue. This law office always communicated regularly with me and always kept me current with my case issues. This team communicated very effectively. They kept my interest and needs first, I could reach them any time. The lawyer gave me his cell number. I felt comfortable to call at any time with any need. He was never intimidating. He understood my feelings. And best of all you could laugh and have some fun in between, I would highly suggest for you to call this team and have your goals and expectations met.