Different approaches to divorce – Traditional litigation

Traditional litigation is the image most people have when they think of divorce. In traditional litigation, each party is represented by an attorney who presents their side of the case to a judge. While that doesn’t necessarily mean that the pa… Read More
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Child Custody: Types of Residential Arrangements

TWIN CITIES DIVORCE INFORMATION Despite the fact that a divorce marks the end of a marital relationship, it is important for children to maintain relationships with both parents (at least in most instances). To be sure, research has increasingly show… Read More

Settlement Agreements

Minneapolis, MN Divorce Lawyer Most divorces-around 90% according to some estimates-are settled “out of court.” (More accurately, the court has to enter the divorce decree, so the parties’ agreement is approved and adopted by the co… Read More
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The Discovery Process

Minnesota Divorce Information If you’ve ever watched a legal drama, you’ve no doubt witnessed the process of discovery.  Perhaps best illustrated in My Cousin Vinny, discovery is the process by which the parties to a legal action trade i… Read More
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What is the Basic Procedure for Getting a Divorce?

Minneapolis Divorce Attorney Divorce is one of the most stressful events in a person’s life. It may also be one of the scariest-in part because of the unknown. But it doesn’t have to be. The process for getting a divorce is relatively str… Read More
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What Is the Difference Between Divorce and Separation?

Twin Cities Divorce Information Many couples separate before getting divorced. In fact, many sources suggest that separation can actually be therapeutic and beneficial for a marriage. Therapists, too, say that a three- to six-month period spent apart… Read More
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When Can I Get a Divorce in Minnesota?

ST. PAUL DIVORCE ATTORNEY With divorce rates hovering around 50%, it must be pretty easy to get a divorce these days. In fact, divorce, or some practical equivalent, has been available throughout most of history, but the relatively recent invention o… Read More
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Child Custody Issues – Determination and modification of support

When parents divorce, the issue of child support can sometimes be contentious. Under the law in Minnesota, a child of divorce has the right to be supported by both parents. The initial determination may not be the end of the matter. Child support can… Read More

High Net Worth Clients – Deferred compensation, profit sharing and stock holdings

ST. PAUL DIVORCE ATTORNEY Many of our high net worth clients have deferred compensation, profit sharing and stock holdings as part of their compensation packages. When a couple divorces, the parties will negotiate an equitable division of property an… Read More
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High Net Worth Clients – Retirement and Pre-marital Assets, Part II

TWIN CITIES DIVORCE ATTORNEY Premarital assets are, by definition, those assets a party brings into the marriage.  With people marrying later, and often marrying more than once, those assets can be sizeable.  For couples who enter a marriage with s… Read More
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