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Child Custody: Types of Residential Arrangements

TWIN CITIES DIVORCE INFORMATION Despite the fact that a divorce marks the end of a marital relationship, it is important for children to maintain relationships with both parents (at least in most instances). To be sure, research has increasingly show… Read More
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Custody and Parenting Time Evaluations

Minnesota Child Custody Attorney In Minnesota, if you have children and you and the other parent cannot come to an agreement with respect to custody and parenting time, chances are your case will be subject to a custody and parenting time evaluation.… Read More
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The Challenges of Parental Relocation Requests in Minnesota

Life after a Minnesota divorce can be difficult in more ways than one. After you’ve gotten divorced, you may face an adjustment period to a newly single life, possible reduced income, and, in the case of kids, life as a single parent. When it c… Read More
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Neutral Professionals: Their Roles and Impact

A neutral professional is a third party called upon by either the parties involved or the court in an attempt to resolve a family law dispute as efficiently as possible without unnecessary, expensive court litigation. There are a variety of neutral p… Read More
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Post-Decree Modifications

Needs and circumstances change. When they do, a post-decree modification can realign court orders to match the interests of the parties and their new situations. Minnesota family law attorney Chris Banas assists clients in filing motions for the modi… Read More
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Moving Out of State with Children

TWIN CITIES CHILD CUSTODY ATTORNEY A parent may not relocate a child across state lines without first obtaining permission from either the other parent or the court, unless the non-custodial parent has not been granted any parenting time under the ch… Read More
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Third Party Rights: Obtaining Custody of Children

For a third party to obtain custody of a child without the consent of the child’s parents, the third party must prove to be either a “de facto custodian” or an “interested third party.” Additionally, the court must find… Read More
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Domestic Abuse: The Impact on Your Divorce and Child Custody Cases

Domestic violence is a serious issue in divorce and custody cases, not only in terms of the civil and criminal effects, but also in the direct impact it will have on your chances for custody. To put it simply, a finding of domestic violence (order fo… Read More
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Minnesota Custody and Parenting Time Disputes – Who is involved?

If there is a dispute in Minnesota over custody and parenting time, the court will likely order the parties to undergo some sort of “evaluation.” “Evaluation” is a fluid term, and can mean a variety of things. To understand th… Read More
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Guardian Ad Litem

In custody and parenting time disputes, the court may appoint a Minnesota Guardian Ad Litem to your case. The guardian, also known as a “GAL,” acts on behalf of the children. Generally, Guardians Ad Litem are appointed when there are alle… Read More
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