Recent Unemployment and Child Support

A recent job loss can make it difficult to pay your bills and meet your obligations. Child support payments that were previously manageable may become overwhelming. If you’ve recently lost your job and need help meeting your child support obligations, a qualified attorney may be able to assist you in lowering the amount you’re required to pay each month.

When your child support order was originally instituted, the amount you were required to pay was calculated based upon your (then current) income. According to Minnesota Statute 518A.39(2)(a)(1), you may be able to modify your child support order if a substantial decrease in income renders the original terms of the order “unreasonable and unfair.”

There are timelines associated with filing a motion for a reduction in support. To avoid missing your opportunity to request a modification, you should contact your Minnesota family law attorney as soon as possible after losing employment. Attorney Chris Banas advises clients to immediately:

1) Ask your employer for a letter setting forth the reason for the termination or lay off.

2) Forward a copy of the employer’s letter and a copy of the current child support order to your attorney.

3) Start a job search immediately. Keep a journal of all potential employers contacted and the result of each contact.

4) Update your resume, and forward it to your attorney.

By contacting your attorney promptly, he can review your case and, if you’re eligible, begin filing a motion for reduction in support well within the necessary timeframe. Don’t let child support obligations stretch you too thin. If you’ve lost your job through no fault of your own, call Minnesota family law attorney Chris Banas today to find out if you’re eligible for lowered child support payments. Call 651-361-8109 now.