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Attorney Christopher M. Banas concentrates his practice in all areas of family law. Chris Banas works with clients Savage, MN, and serves the Twin Cities. Call 651-361-8109 to schedule a consultation.

Savage, MN Divorce Attorneys

Some of our clients are only thinking about getting a divorce but need more information. Consulting with an attorney does not mean you have to get divorced or that you have decided on divorce, but it allows you to have the essential tools and knowledge to make an informed decision...

Adoption Attorney in Savage, MN

If you have made or are considering the decision to adopt a child, consulting a Minnesota adoption attorney can offer important information about your options and ensures that your adoption proceeds as smoothly as possible...

Savage, MN Child Custody Attorney

Our law firm has the experience and know-how to handle and counsel families through any family disputes that involve the custody of children.  We understand that nothing is as important to you as your children, and we will treat your case with the utmost sensitivity and respect in all custody matters.

Minnesota Family Law Client Testimonial

"Chris responded back quickly and with information I needed to make informed decisions regarding my case."

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